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Event Date IconJuly 20, 2019

As an industry leader, diversity is one of our key priority and we always thrive to value diversity and women empowerment. Studies have shown that having a good gender mix simply makes better business sense.

Since the year 2000, Mphasis leads in providing solutions for infrastructure technologies. Mphasis’ next generation technology ensures a highly customized transformation in businesses globally. With its billion dollar start-up attitude Mphasis has provided services at great speed and with utmost agility ever since its inception. We have moved from product to client centricity. The Front2Back approach includes interaction with the end customer. With the help of cloud and cognitive intelligence, a hyper-personalized digital experience to clients and customers is assured. Diversity has always been its major priority. With diversity at the center, aAt Mphasis we understand that everyone is unique and the diverse background that they come from adds to the plethora of point of views and experiences that our employees bring to the table. It is this ideology of embracing difference and ensuring that we respect and treat all with dignity, that has led to Mphasis being an equal opportunity employer.

While we understand and are aware that all aspects of diversity needs must be given equal importance, at Mphasis we have picked 2 focus areas on which a gamut of initiatives have been planned and executed in the past and are lined up for the future. These focus areas are Gender & Disability. Today Mphasis is at its zenith. We realize that we are approaching our goals at an unceasing pace because of our people. Our human resource is as vital as our innovation. We believe that an organization can run by the cumulative efforts of all its members irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or sex. We follow an effective process - oriented approach in employee recruitment, training and onboarding for client projects.

We train every employee to enhance their technical capability and help them embrace challenges and lead innovation.

The Leadership at Mphasis has taken a conscious and committed call to ensure that the gender ratio at Mphasis is at 30:70. Focused efforts to maintain or exceed this target is constantly made through strategic planning and implementation.

With this endeavor we at Mphasis are aimed to provide opportunity to Women community to unleash their fullest potential to join a company as tech savvy as ours.