A Day in Life of an Mphasian

Bellamkonda Vamsi Krishna

Bellamkonda Vamsi Krishna

Project Lead

My typical day at Mphasis starts with a cup of coffee and a scrum meeting with the team designing deliverable of the day. While setting expectation of the day helps achieving realistic goals, there is window for maximum efficiency with less divulgence. The day comprises of preparing updates, taking up new assignments as and when the requirements comes in, collating with my peers if they are stuck in a technical issue and engaging in group discussions along with maintaining a tracker which helps keeping an eye on the accomplishments in a typical workday. I consider the workplace to be a second home where you spend most of your waking hours so I give equal importance to tea breaks with my colleagues and at times some great ideas have birthed while we all had tea cups in our hands.


Why Mphasis?


Focus on Innovation and staying current: I was entrusted with opportunities to develop software using cutting edge technologies - Cloud (PCF), CI/CD, POCs, SonarQube and opportunities to participate in Architecture Forums. I have always wanted to be a part of an organization that is fast and thoughtful in its executions and considers the current priorities in the market and world around us. IoT is well absorbed in our way of life and our products, that’s motivating.


High performance Culture: It was evident as I joined Mphasis that it has an aptitude for recruiting highly talented, agile and driven individuals. I found myself surrounded by people with the drive to win and push colleagues around them to do the same.

My transition right from recruitment till the process floor has been seamless and high quality. Everyone around you want to do the best they can to provide top-notch service and strengthen the brand of Mphasis, which creates a positive work environment.


It’s not just about work but a lot more than that: There are so many things besides work you can engage yourself at Mphasis with, I can participate in learning forums, CSR initiatives, Diversity & Inclusion programs. Check out for more


Where do you see yourself five Years from now?

Within the next five years, I am hoping to be leading a team of programmers while I spend my time strategizing and analysing the overall process. I hope to be in a role where I can analyse disruptive technologies and companies fast pacing towards adapting them, to help our clients succeed. I am currently a candidate in the PMP program and hope to be a Program Manager in the next few years. It’s extremely encouraging to be at a firm like Mphasis


What’s your advice to the budding Mphasians?

Mphasis has tons of Advanced Learning programs and contest which offer the scope of creativity while showcasing your skill set for e.g.: Talent Next, Skill Port etc. Budding Mphasians should utilize them to the fullest. Mphasis has lot of projects running on all the cutting-edge technologies providing us with a great opportunity to work on Real Time environment along with a good management which always looks for Employee career growth. Focus on learning and growth shall follow.


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