We are selective when it comes to quality talent. We hire Bachelors and Masters candidates from Engineering streams and Masters from Computer Application and Business Management courses for various roles in the organization. The candidates from technology schools applying to Mphasis are filtered based on a minimum average academic score of 60% in their course program.


The filtered technology school applicants are then processed through these elimination rounds: Aptitude Test; Psychometric Tests; Personal Interview; and Communication Test. Successful candidates are then issued a Letter of Intent. They are contacted when the training batches are scheduled. Candidates are finally given permanent offer letters after joining the company on the scheduled date, subject to the completion of joining formalities. Typically, the technology hires can find opportunities in these areas:


  • Testing
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Mobility
  • ERP
  • Production Maintenance
  • Application Development
  • Research & Development
  • Product Development
  • Solutioning


Freshers from Business Schools are typically picked for roles as:

  • Business Analysts
  • Support Management
  • Business Operations Management
  • Strategic Development



It’s simple and easy to apply for jobs at Mphasis Limited. Just log in to Mphasis Careers portal and post your profile - Apply Here


Once we have your resume, the evaluation begins with the process as shown on right:


There is NO probation period at Mphasis. Training and development is strongly encouraged at Mphasis to help you grow and advance. We offer a wide spectrum of learning and development programs to help you enhance your skills and capabilities, and adapt to varied business challenges, including the following:



  • Specialized training programs to support the integration of all recruits into our dynamic business environment.
  • Focused instructor-led courses to develop knowledge on domain, technical expertise and soft skills.
  • Leadership development programs to build and nurture a pool of successful industry leaders.


Your work location will be based on the project/job you have been hired for. If you are eligible for relocation then it will be mentioned on your Offer Letter.



For technical positions, candidates undergo technical interviews with technical experts. All candidates are assessed on cultural fit. Candidates may be asked to take a written test or an online test during the interview or assessment.


If there is an open position that matches your interests and skill-set then you can re-apply anytime. Please visit the Alumni Page to search for jobs that fit your areas of interest and specialization.


Mphasis has a global presence and candidates can apply to positions open against their preferred geography. We match the best candidate with open position and proceed with the hiring process. Feel free to apply for positions across geographies.


We serve our clients through a global delivery model. So, if the candidate meets the necessary local regulatory requirements, they are free to apply for positions across geographies. Visit our ‘Contact Us’ section to see offices across our many locations.




Mphasis has a robust Onboarding process aimed at gaining a new recruit’s commitment towards the job as well as the organization at large. The hand holding induction sessions orient and train the new recruits about our organizational culture, and show them how they are interconnected to (and interdependent on) everyone else in the organization.


The process starts with a cross department sharing session where the new recruits are introduced to the organization and its offerings. Along with this, the HR from the onboarding team runs through the documentation process which mandates all new recruits to provide necessary documents.


All the new recruits are on-boarded only after the complete submission of documents (employment proof, proof of identity, educational certifications, etc.).



The process of onboarding is automated to ensure accuracy with regards to employee information.


Employees and contractors across all levels are within the scope of background verification. The check commences either prior or post to recruits joining depending on the client specifications.


Screening of employees is an important security element for Mphasis business, it is essential for us to conduct proper pre-employment background screening to ensure strong foundation for our business. Mphasis conducts pre-employment background screening for all its potential employees, in order to ensure that our potential employee has a good track record. We engage professional third-party verifier for background checks to avoid any biased hiring and for improved legal protection of our organization”.




Mphasis has put frameworks and initiatives in place which are designed to make the initial days of a new employee easier, and to ensure a smooth transition into the organization for them. These frameworks are customized according to the nature of business of which the employee will be a part. For example, as part of our Buddy Program, all new joiners are assigned a Buddy. The Buddy assists the joiners in getting acclimatized and gain insights into organizational structure, culture and values system. The Buddy will also assist in getting them accustomed to the internal processes and procedures of the projects they will be part of. New joiners are also involved in frequent interaction with HR, Business Partners and Delivery Managers. During these interactions, they are familiarized with company policies and operational aspects, and get support to address any concerns they may have.