Learning Opportunities @MPHASIS




In the world of bots, where machines are learning thick & fast, the knowledge, skills & learning needs for the workforce are getting completely re-defined. Each day, we encounter new problems that demand us to innovate and find solutions at breakneck speed. What has got us so far will certainly not take us further. Hence, at Mphasis we have embraced Learning as the driving factor for Business success and Individual fulfilment. We extensively leverage learning to improve performance and change behaviors to address current business realities and future possibilities for employees.


Vision statement: Foster an environment that enables high learnability for business success and individual growth.  

  • Learning on-the-go
  • On-the-job Learning
  • Certification-on-demand
  • Social & Collaborative
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Continuous Learning
Learnability is a key lever that drives success at Mphasis. To us, continuous learning does not simply entail participation in a series of learning events, rather it is about expansion of our knowledge and skills in response to the emergence of NextGen technologies. Investing in continuous development of our people is how we aim to win big.
Responsive Learning
Driven by strategy and driving strategy – this best defines our approach to Learning and Talent transformation. Striving to match the speed of business, we are committed to fostering a culture of learning that responds to the need of the hour and is receptive to the changing business ecosystem around us.
Personalized Learning
Digital disruption has led to consumerization of HR and rise in employee-centered learning. To address the needs of the Digital workforce, we have harnessed adaptive learning technologies to tailor solutions that provide personalized learning experiences. This also ensures that Learning is timely and available when the employee needs it.
Leadership Learning
Capability, Capacity and Culture are the three cornerstones of a successful leader at Mphasis. The Leadership development framework enables people managers and leaders to acquire relevant knowledge & skills to drive high performance while living by the Mphasis culture and values.